Monday, June 12, 2006

Heeler Pups!!!

Right now they look more like Guinea Pigs than Heelers, Queensland Heelers, Australian Cattle Dogs, or whatever term you use for good dogs, but they're beginning to get their color and looking less and less like gelatinous blobs. I figure it will be about seven or eight weeks before they're ready to travel; by then, they will have had their puppy shots and a round or two of dewormer. There are seven of them--four males (3 red, 1 blue) and three females (2 red, 1 blue)--$80 each. Place your order now!

Update: 3 males & 1 female left... all reds. Ryan Clark reserved a blue female; Steve Sermersheim reserved a red female; Brian Beasley reserved a blue male.

photo credit: iHorseshoe


Blogger Danvers Child, CJF said...

Matt and Laura Gillis took the last available puppy, a blue female who ended up with the name of Wilma. Every last one of the pups went to a farrier, and they ended up with some interesting names... SheilaRoo, Wilma, Rooster Cogburn, Lucy Birdface, Woodrow, and Augustus.

12/16/2006 11:21 AM  

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